What started out as a market research project in 2013, quickly evolved into a movement. A philosophy. A goal. A rite of passage for enterprising women who build businesses while supporting women along the way. Crash the Glass is about having the vision, courage, risk tolerance, and diplomacy to lead without forsaking the feminine ethos that guides entrepreneurial women to build, develop, and run the forward-looking companies of tomorrow.

Globally we represent change. We believe women want to build businesses all around the world but are afraid of the impact change will have on their self-identity, fearful they won’t be accepted or afraid they will fail. We encourage entrepreneurial women to define a new normal and to use their influence as leaders for the good of other women.   



Pritika Yamamoto, Founder

João Solakoglu, Founder

Katarzyna Astatke, Instructor

Ólafur Ohayon, Instructor

Adeola Baldessari, Instructor