Vision, courage, risk tolerance, knowledge, and the diplomacy to lead without forsaking the feminine ethos are what inspire female founders to build the forward-looking companies of tomorrow. 

Women are a force of nature. We bond through community. Progress is contingent upon using this indomitable force to inspire a collective movement to help one another get ahead in business and in life. If we want to change the world for the advancement of all women then we have to do it together. Women entrepreneurs are in a unique position to lead this movement. 

As founders, presidents, and CEOs we have an opportunity to lead from the top by building cultures, policies, and relationships that help other women to succeed. 

Crash the Glass is a leadership movement driven by female entrepreneurs. It is a goal. A philosophy.  A rite of passage for women who build and LEAD UP other women along the way.



Take advantage of the influence you have as founders to LEAD UP. Build companies, cultures, policies and relationships that break down barriers and support women from all around the world. 

•    Lead like a woman
•    Present yourself as an asset and not a threat
•    Build a culture that reflects a modern woman's needs and commit to supporting those   needs
•    Embrace the fact that a woman's health is connected to her success; make it a priority to bridge the two from the beginning
•    Buy and source from women globally
•    Pay, hire and promote women equally
•    Put other women in the power seat and allow them lead
•    Everyday think of one thing you can do to help a woman who is not within your network

LEAD UP is our call to action to help Crash the Glass. Join us to stay tuned on talks, events, and information.  Email us at: for any speaking inquiries.